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Slush Fund

26 Apr

Now the weather has finally warmed up a bit (long may it continue), many of you may find the usual requests for chocolate and sweets as you pass the newsagents being replaced with demands for ice lollies and crushed ice drinks (children of the 70’s and 80’s will recall the allure of the blue raspberry slush puppy). My nephews are mad for these crushed ice and cordial confections, and do their best to pester their mum for one every day on the way home from school. That’s all well and good for an occasional treat, but if this turns into a daily occurence, you are looking at £2 a day so a sudden rise in your monthly spend of over £50. Thats 3 or 4 bottles of Jacquart Champagne (see yesterdays supermarket sweep post) or a good night out.

I have the solution for you and its almost free. Reach to the back of the cupboard and dust off the fancy liquidizer that you placed on your wedding list, and used for a couple of weeks making all sorts of smoothies, before you tidied it away and forgot all about it.

Place ice into liquidizer with cordial/juice to taste and blitz on crushed ice function. Decant into fancy glasses with straws and enjoy the silence of contented children. Now while the children are quiet, crush some more ice. Add rum, fresh mint, sugar and soda – and you have a fabulous mojito. Cheers!

(in case you are interested – here is a recipe for the mojito)


Home-made slushy ice