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Breakfast Pancakes

24 Apr

There are some days when only carbs will do. After a late night out (and possibly a bit more wine than was sensible), followed by several toddler makings and a 6am start, I was hankering for a big carb fix to get me up and running.

I love making these american style breakfast pancakes. They are so easy and quick to make, and popular with all the family.

These were on the table and ready to eat in under 15 minutes, and devoured (by me at least) less than 5 minutes after that. Actually 14 mins 38 seconds to be precise. That timescale included help with the mixing from a toddler, chopping of banana and setting of table, and the cooking of the pancakes of course.

The recipe I tend to follow is that belonging to Nigella Lawson in Nigella Express. You can find it at a number of locations on the internet, including Nigella’s Website and BBC Good Food

Every now and then I make up a batch of the dry mix as directed, then it is ready to go with some melted butter, an egg and some milk. Not exactly an arduous task.

I have to confess I hankered after the pancake warmer used by Nigella for quite some time, and eventually found it on the net. I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. It is fabulous. It keeps the pancakes warm for ages, and the steam vents on the top stop them getting too soggy.

To speed up the process I do tend to use 2 pans at once (dishwasher proof, naturally) then the cooking part usually takes only a few minutes.

I have yet to bother with Nigella’s suggestion of a blueberry maple syrup on top Maple syrup and blueberries, both not exactly cheap, and to me it just seems like a step too far.

I tend to plump for chopped banana with a drizzle of maple syrup. I prefer the smoky sweet taste to honey. Whereas the kids of course favour Nutella, or lemon and sugar. Brunch anyone?

In the pan

Ready to serve