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Mash in a Flash

19 Apr

I am not completely mad. This is not a recipe for mash as such. It’s more of a sharing of my lazy method of preparing it that makes it only a little more effort than getting a few patties of Aunt Bessies ready-made out of the freezer…


You will need

A potato ricer


Milk/Butter etc

I generally make this in bulk and freeze what I don’t use after a couple of days.

Wash the potatoes. I am not talking intensive scrubbing here. Just soak them for a minute or two.

I tend to steam them (saves the straining step) but it works as well if you boil them.

Cook until soft, usually at least half an hour, sometimes longer if they are the big jacket types.

Then (and this is the part that was a revelation to me). Just put them through the ricer, skin and all. It does all the hard work for you. I find the skin even sticks to the top of the ricer so I just remove it between presses.

Mix in milk/butter/seasoning to taste (today I used mascarpone and milk as I had a half used tub looking slightly forlorn at the back of the fridge)

Now you have the basis of a number of meal possibilities for the rest of the week.

Today we had sausages with the mash. Tomorrow it will be smoked salmon fish cakes, recipe to follow.

I tend to find that my children insist on joining in with the potato ricer, which means happily occupied children for a few minutes and me feeling like we have spent some ‘quality’ time together

Potato Ricer

Mash made in a flash!