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Cordless Cleaning

29 Apr

When it comes to housework, I am firmly in the camp of less is more.  I like the place to look clean and reasonably tidy, but I am not going to give up my very limited free time to achieve Bree Van der Kamp style perfection.  I am always looking out for shortcuts and time savers.

I loathe the seemingly endless household chores, but there are some things that cannot be ignored. My little treasures are so talented and capable at ensuring no surface is left untouched with their own unique blend of  crumbs, dirt, and unidentified sticky patches, that if I leave the cleaning of floors for more than two days it bears a striking resemblance to an advert for the before shots in ‘how clean is your house’.  But getting the Hoover out always seems like such a big committment, and should not be entered into lightly, in my book at least.

In December last year, I had an episode of back pain that resulted in a trip in an ambulance, wearing only a swimming costume (not my finest moment). At first I was rather buoyed by the silver lining in that particular cloud, which would mean, sadly, I could no longer risk my back with any sort of heavy housework.  It wasnt long before that initial joy was replaced by the slightly less euphoric realisation that the floors were not going to clean themselves, and that we were not suddenly rich enough to employ daily help.

The answer to this dilemma, I soon discovered was a cordless cleaner. After extensive online research I found mine on Amazon for a very well spent £38. It is lightweight (approx 1.6kg), powered by a rechargeable battery. It has a small drawer that collects the dirt that you empty into the bin. This means you can retrieve the toy pieces you have hoovered up, stray money etc. It even works on larger things like rice krispies and shreddies (if they are not soggy).  In under 5 minutes I can pretty much cover the entire downstairs of our house (5 rooms) and leave them, not spotlessly perfect, but very respectably clean and tidy.  It does not give the same finish as a thorough going over with the Hoover, but if you are pressed for time with visitors about to descend, it comes a pretty close second, and at that price, who is complaining?

The model that I have is the GTECH Cordless Sweeper 7.2v NiMH SW02

And if you are not already persuaded, an unexpected upside of this purchase, is that children of all ages seem to love it. It has an adjustable length handle so you can make it small for the little ones and get them to help out too. Even my domestically challenged  nephews ‘volunteered’ to help with the cleaning with this.

(ps I have absolutely no connection to Gtech. If you know someone who is, then please show them this and maybe they will send me some freebies?!)