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In praise of the humble omelette

15 Apr

So, after a day of chasing toddlers and keeping our currently ‘up for sale’ house in show home condition (well almost) I could barely face the thought of cooking dinner. After a glass of yummy merlot, and facing an already messy kitchen worthy of any domestic slut, I was rummaging in the fridge when I uncovered a long forgotten and slightly mouldy (but salvageable) piece of smoked cheese. Then I glanced over to the eggs still on the side from the lunchtime shopping delivery (Delicious Burford Browns, and 50% extra free too!) and suddenly inspiration struck. Omelette. Simple. Quick. And generally quite delicious if not overdone (see Delia How to Cook Book 1 for guidance – although I wouldn’t get quite so hung up on the pan – it only lives in this house if it can survive the dishwasher).

Another rummage in the fridge yielded a bag of rocket and some tomatoes and red onion for a quick salad, and hey presto, dinner on the table in under 5 minutes.

Obviously after all that slaving in the kitchen for dinner it was only right that I took a rest on the sofa after we had eaten armed with a gooey 5 minute brownie (recipe and picture to follow) while Mr Mummyinahurry cleared up!

And now to bed.. I have to be up early, ready to clean and scrub for our 2pm viewing. Chocolate and DVD’s for the little ones are on hand.