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Effortless Weekend Breakfast

8 May

I have never been that great at maths, but this is one equation that guarantees I start the weekend with a smile.

Weekend Newspaper + Coffee + Fresh Croissants = 1 Very Happy Mummyinahurry

One of my favourite weekend pleasures is a leisurely breakfast and curling up to read the newspapers. After the arrival of my son, David, almost 4 years ago, my lazy weekend breakfasts were a hazy, distant memory. By the time he was one, I could have told you the opening times of every coffee house within a 5 mile radius of our house. Aside from the comfort of seeing other dishevelled looking parents in Costa at 7am, every attempt to enjoy my weekend ritual in a coffee shop was thwarted by having to constantly chase a toddler running off in all directions. In the end I gave up on my quest for my former life, finding it easier to stay at home, where I know the children can play safely .

This led me to thinking about how I could recapture that ‘lazy weekend coffee shop experience’ from the comfort of home with minimal effort, and preferably while still in my pyjamas.

The Paper

Initially I booked a weekend newspaper delivery from our local paper shop, and from 7am would be

Weekend Papers

optimistically scanning the street to see if paper was on its way. Obviously, our paper delivery boy liked his lie ins and rarely arrived before 9am, by which time we were usually fed,washed, dressed and out. After that disappointing start, I then discovered The Times delivery service. Guaranteed delivery before 7am (although it is often on the doorstep by 6). Fantastic.They make only a minimal delivery charge, and if you have the paper delivered daily there is no charge at all.

The Croissants

Croissants fresh from the oven

Initially I bought the type of croissants that seem to be available on the bakery aisle of every supermarket, but the compromise of quality for convenience was evident at first bite. Then I discovered the far superior ready to bake variety in the freezer section of the supermarket. These take under 20 minutes to cook, and are just as good (and much fresher tasting) than the offerings available in most of the high street coffee shop chains. And the children love them too, so the bonus is that there is no need to make a second breakfast for them.

The Coffee

Weekend Coffee

Buy some good quality coffee. Add ‘just off the boil’ water. Or use one of the myriad of coffee preparation contraptions that I referred to in the tale of my caffeine addiction last week.

And there you have it. A perfect start to the weekend. The unexpected bonus of this stay at home, low effort start to the weekend, is that it costs next to nothing. Something else to make me smile….


Supermarket Sweep 4 May 2010

4 May

Where did the last week go?  Here it is then, my weekly round-up of  supermarket best buys.

Starting in alphabetical order with Asda. This week you can stock up on your breakfast basics at bargain basement prices.  Activia yoghurts, 4 for £1, Tropicana Smoothie – mango, passionfruit & pineapple £1 for 750ml, and 2 for £3 on weetabix cereals, and 2 packets for £1 on Warburtons crumpets. They are also offering lunchtime deli wraps for £1 a packet.

Lidl.  Love it or loathe it you can’t knock their prices. This week there are the usual unbelievably low prices on a range of vegetables, the best one being cauliflowers at only 49p each. Add some cut price cheddar and you are halfway there to a cauliflower cheese, 500g Pilgrims Choice extra mature cheddar is only £2.99. Childrens favourite spread, Nutella is down to £1.25 a jar, and if you fancy a warm weather treat for the freezer, they are offering Bounty, Mars and Snickers Ice Creams at an ice cool £2 for a packet of 8.

Morrisons, are offering every mums’ emergency staple, Birds Eye fishfingers, at £1 for a packet of 8 and the obligatory (in this house at least) Heinz Ketchup for £1 (570g squeezy size). They also have lunchbox fillers Petit Filous Frubes down to £1 for a packet of 9, and emergency child bribe of choice for many, cadburys chocolate fingers at 74p a packet (these have also been found to work well on grown-ups).

If you are shopping at Sainsburys this week, take advantage of this weeks deals and invite a friend for lunch. Serve one of a selection of Sainsburys own brand soups at only £1 for a 600g carton, complemented with the Taste the Difference Gruyere and Garlic Fougasse, half price at £1.09. While you finish up with a home made cappuccino, and a selection of Lindt Chocolate bars (only £1 for 100g) the dishwasher can clean up for you with Finish all in one lemon tablets  down to £4.49 for 45 (10p a wash…..come on, at that price who wouldnt use a dishwasher?).

Tescos are also offering half price Finish dishwasher tabs, and Jacquart Champagne for only £13.49 a bottle. They have also added their Tesco Finest Premier Cru Champagne at £25 for 2. I haven’t tried their bubbles recently, but it usually attracts favourable reviews in the press. They also have some fantastic offers on a wide range of fruit and veg, the best ones in my book being vine ripened tomatoes at 99p a pack or satsumas at 99p a pack.

Last but by no means least, is Waitrose. Aside from 1/3 off Sirloin and Rump Steak there is no change from last weeks best buys, so I have included a link back to that post here.

Happy Shopping!