Emergency Exfoliation

26 Jun

Quick Body Scrub Ingredients

There are times when I look back with longing at my pre-motherhood days, when I had the time and the inclination to follow the strictures of the magazine beauty gurus and managed to wax, primp and preen on a regular basis, like a hopeful for a bit part on Sex in the City.

Oh how times have changed. Now I have made friends with the hairs on my legs (they keep me warm!). And as for the almost mandatory bikini wax. Are you kidding me? I have had 2 children and I eat cake on a regular basis. You would only rarely glimpse me in a bikini in my 5 times a week gym days, but now, not a chance, so bikini waxes are for high days and holidays only!

This weekend I am off, for 2 nights, child free, to see my uber-glamorous and gorgeous friend Sara tie the knot in Yorkshire.  While I am understandably excited about the wedding, I am also ever so slightly giddy at the thought of staying in a luxury hotel for 2 nights sans children. No requests for milk in the night, and no loud whines  demanding milk and cbeebies at 530am. I really cannot wait. The trouble is, I am not at all prepared. I managed to squeeze in a pedi on Thursday, when a girlfriend came for a playdate then kindly shooed me out of the house to the salon in what seemed like a guilty mid-week indulgence.  I had grand plans of getting plucked and fake-baked before the weekend, but instead, spent yesterday scrubbing our soon to be home and came home with dirt blackened fingernails!  I failed quite spectacularly at organising anything, so I am going to have to do an emergency fake tan application tonight, and keep my fingers crossed.  I decided that in order that I am halfway prepared, I would at least bathe and exfoliate last night, then realised at the last-minute, I had no products to hand. Suddenly, like a lightbulb going off in my head, I remembered my standby from my struggling student days. The answer lies in the kitchen. Olive oil and salt. Total cost of ingredients, well under a pound. Result, gloriously smooth and moisturised skin.


  • Table Salt – the free running, fine, uber cheap kind
  • Olive Oil

Mix roughly equal quantities of salt and oil in bowl. Stand in bath or shower, and use in the usual way.  I have also mixed salt with body wash to great effect, but you will then have to moisturise afterwards.

I was feeling very proud of myself for my quick. thrifty last-minute solution, when I then read my Donna Hay Magazine 50th Anniversary Edition, which contains a lovely recipe for a hand scrub along the same lines, but sounds a bit more fragrant and glamorous. Unfortunately I cannot find a copy of it on the web. It was very similar to that above, but also contained sugar and lemon.  I may well have to make some. In the meantime, here is an example of another more fragrant example that I found on Wikipedia


One Response to “Emergency Exfoliation”

  1. yummymummyno1 June 27, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    Hope you have had a blissful weekend away at the wedding x

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