Paper for Painting

22 Apr

I probably should have included this in the last post.  I ran out of paper for drawing and painting a couple of weeks ago.  I have to confess I really resent paying High St prices for drawing paper that is likely to end up in the bin within hours. Obviously some of you might get your supplies ‘free’ from work, but unfortunately I don’t have that option.  A quick rummage in the garage yielded an unexpected treasure. Lining paper.

This has a number of advantages to my mind over cheap shop bought pads of paper.

  • It’s cheap as chips, always a winner in this house. Something like £1.78 for a value roll of 10 metres at B and Q.
  • It’s thick enough not to get too soggy when painting
  • You can cut it to size and use it for things like height charts, and just very long pictures!
  • Did I mention that it’s really cheap? (Sorry, that’s such an unfashionable word. I meant thrifty!)

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