Banqueting Roll – not just for Banquets and Birthdays…

22 Apr

Being at home a lot, I have found that the one job that has an almost Sisyphean feel to it is the almost relentless wiping of tables and sweeping of floors. There are days when I seem to do little else, and feel like cinderella, with no hope of a fairy godmother in sight.

I had my Eureka moment for this little tip, after Annabel’s birthday. We had some left over banqueting roll hanging around, and as I seemed to have run out of drawing paper, I decided to cover the table with this then let the little darlings get the crayons out. I then left it on for dinner (spaghetti with meatballs – always a messy one). A quick (and rather satisfying scrunch) of the paper tablecloth post dinner and instant clean table. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy these days!

I then discovered that this stuff is super cheap if you buy it in bulk. Our local party shop sells 25m for £6.99 and if you want to buy a job lot then its about £22 from memory for 100 metres. Now I do realise that this is not entirely environment friendly, but it is very friendly to my environment from time to time. I use this on a quite regular basis when we have playdates. A few pens or crayons on the table keeps the children occupied for quite a while in the run up to dinner, and the joy of a bit less clearing up should not be underestimated….


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