The five minute brownie

16 Apr

I am all about good food. But lets face it, not many of us have time to be a real Martha Stewart (and if we were, we would have staff – how nice would that be?).

Still, there are some things that have to be made well, and one of those in my book, is the chocolate brownie. I get really irritated by the over – priced sugary confections available almost everywhere that try to pass themselves off as the real deal. Often they are made as cheaply a possible, and the taste says it all.

So I save myself for a treat now and then, and of course a good way to occupy the little ones for a while.

I am afraid that I may have lured you in under false pretences with the heading of 5 minute brownie. It takes a little longer than that, but the actual effort part is about 5 minutes. There is no washing up if you have a dishwasher as you just chuck it all in and let the technology do the work.


200g best 70% cocoa chocolate you can get (within reason)

225g unsalted butter

1tsp (or a little dash) vanilla essence

90g cocoa

60g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

290g caster sugar

4 large eggs (but it will work with medium too)

Anything else you fancy putting in like walnuts, pecans, white chocolate drops etc

You will need

1 rectangular baking tray sized about 16cm x 25cm (I use a silicone one as then there is no need to grease and line it)

A cake rack for cooling (if you don’t have one the rack from your grill should do nicely)

Before I start involving the children, I usually measure things out first. I have one of those fantastic slimline add and weigh digital scales that makes the weighing things out a cinch.

Put the oven on at 180 degrees (NB know your oven – mine is 40 degrees hotter than it says on the dial – if in doubt go lower and cook for longer)

The butter and chocolate need to be melted. Most ‘chefs’ would tell you to use a double boiler. Personally I love the microwave method. Zap it for about a minute to start, then leave, then do 20 second bursts with the occasional stir. Dont over do it or the chocolate will seize (go all grainy) and you will be very sad!

Sieve the cocoa and flour and baking powder.

Add the sugar and mix again.

Add the eggs and mix.

Add warm choc/butter mix.

Place in oven for about 25 mins. It should be crispy on top but still slightly gooey with a small wobble underneath. It will still keep cooking when you take it out so be sure not to overcook it.

After 15 mins or so I turn it on to the baking tray. Now comes the difficult part. Just leave it to cool, or it may fall apart and collapse if you cut it while warm.

This doesnt last long in our house. If you have had it for a couple of days it tastes yummy warmed up in the microwave.

The five minute brownie


2 Responses to “The five minute brownie”

  1. Suzanne April 17, 2010 at 1:09 pm #

    Fab! Five star. Worth a try.


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    […] Dessert I prepared the evening before. I made Sarah’s Lime and Ginger cheesecake, and a double batch of my five-minute brownies. […]

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